Union Cooperative: There are 4 reasons behind the increase in sales in June, the most important of which are ‘Festive Promotions’.

BENOI NAIR|June 21, 2023

Expectations of recovery and growth in sales volume and increased demand for shopping centers during the summer season.

 Source: Emaratalyoum

Dubai, UAE:

Dubai-based consumer Cooperative ‘Union Coop’ confirmed that retailers in the emirate would witness high sales this summer, especially due to the holidays and travel preparations. Additionally, festive discounts with some of the discounts going up to 90% in Dubai, have contributed to increase in sales.


The Cooperative stated in its monthly report that sales percentages vary from one outlet to another, and the intense competition among shopping centers has left shoppers confused. Currently, there is a focus on perfumes, cosmetics, travel bags, electronics, gifts of all kinds, with steady demand for food items across all social groups.


Consumer trends and behaviors have shifted slightly, as they are now searching for cost-effective options that fit their budgets and economic conditions. Consumers are increasingly looking for promotional offers online, on the websites and applications of sales outlets and shopping centers, before making their purchases, to determine their destination and budget beforehand.


Shopping operations are currently conducted either through direct sales at retail centers and outlets or through online sales via websites and smart apps, which represent a significant portion of sales for each outlet. The summer season is considered an important time for the retail sector, and the Cooperative’s smart electronic platform receives and handles a diverse range of 1,000 orders per day.


It was further highlighted that this year, summer offers started early in many shopping centers, leading to significant market boost and expanded offers on diverse products, especially with the approach of the blessed Eid Al-Adha. This has revitalized the retail trade sector with phenomenal growth rates, indicating that all these factors have positive effects and return on investment for the retail trade sector, increasing sales shares for different parties and outlets.


According to reports and studies by specialized institutions, the Union Coop expects sales to increase by notable percentages, possibly improving by 15-20% compared to previous months, due to summer holidays, increased interest in travel, and purchasing travel essentials compared to last year. Additionally, most commercial centers have launched summer discount campaigns this month, with discounts of up to 70%. Union Coop mentioned its campaign, which began at the beginning of June, offering major brand discounts of up to 75%, and it will continue until June 11. The campaign includes a wide range of products that meet consumers’ requirements and make them happy. Furthermore, there is an ongoing campaign to combat inflation, initiated by the Cooperative, which includes dozens of essential and highly consumed goods by consumers.


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