CEO Message

CEO Message

In light of our obligation, as the Chief Executive Officer, I aim to map a clear path through the continuous evolution of our strategies and plans. Our goal is to contribute to comprehensive economic growth, with the grace of Allah, ensuring customer satisfaction by meeting their needs and bringing them happiness.

We believe in transforming ideas into tangible successes in reality. Our distinct presence in Dubai, one of the region’s most stable and economically advanced cities, sets us apart. We are committed to providing top-notch services for everyone, seizing opportunities that directly benefit cooperative, its projects, shareholders, and consumers.

Amidst the market changes in the retail sector, we are dedicated to establishing solid foundations that transcend our future aspirations. We strive towards innovative strategies aimed at enhancing and diversifying our investments, ensuring a prudent expansion into new sectors and markets. This will be achieved through clear plans to progress, thrive, and grow, adhering to global standards of transparency, credibility, sustainability, and smart solutions.

As we navigate these changes, we will work diligently to enhance and maximize revenues, supporting its performance in the markets. This involves adhering to fixed principles and strategies from planning to achieving sustainable growth. We aim to remain a formidable entity in the retail sector, distinguishing ourselves as one of the best and largest consumer cooperatives in the UAE.

The cooperative’s objective goes beyond enhancing its presence, expansion, and growth in the Emirate of Dubai. It extends to competing and standing out through smart solutions, adhering to national principles in attracting local talents, developing and increasing the productivity of its workforce. This ensures continuous progress towards bigger and all-inclusive economic goals in line with the vision of our wise government.

In line with the wise leadership’s vision and the government’s efforts to elevate the economic sector, the cooperative adopts an approach of economic diversification in all stages of its development. It aligns with continuous changes in the local and international economic environment, turning challenges into real growth opportunities. This involves effective dialogue with stakeholders, including suppliers, administrators, investors, and contributors. We employ a mix of appropriate policies and initiatives, leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance our capabilities and potential.

Finally, our adherence to values remain a cornerstone for achieving success, driving our ability to confront challenges and overcome obstacles. We are committed to providing services that meet the aspirations of contributors, consumers, and those engaging with the cooperative. We will strive to harness our capabilities and knowledge to continue being pioneers in the retail sector in the country.

Best regards,
Mohamed Al Hashemi

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