Union Coop Visits Bustanica: Exploring Collaboration and Sustainability

BENOI NAIR|September 11, 2023

Prepared By: Benoi Nair


Discussions concerning existing and future collaborations and sustainable solutions were conducted, along with a short tour of the facility at Emirates Crop One – Bustanica

The Cooperative is considered one of the first agencies that established trade relations with Bustanica.


Dubai, UAE:


Dubai-based retailer Union Coop’s delegation recently visited Bustanica, a thriving hub of innovation and sustainable agriculture. Union Coop’s Managing Director Eng. Abdulla Mohammad Rafie Al Dallal and the Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Niels Groen met with the Bustanica team to discuss collaborations and sustainable solutions. This visit marks a significant step towards strengthening supplier collaboration, expanding the product assortment with cutting-edge technologies, and embracing sustainable solutions.


*Strengthening Supplier Collaboration

The cooperative stressed its partnerships with suppliers as an essential element in delivering high-quality products to its clientele. The delegation’s visit aims to foster stronger relationships with existing suppliers and explore opportunities for collaboration with local producers. The parties discussed about greater efficiency and innovation in the supply chain, which will ultimately benefit the customers with improved products and services.


*Product Expansion

Union Coop is gradually tapping into the innovative potential of Bustanica and is gearing up to introduce a diverse range of high-quality products into its portfolio. These locally farmed products, cultivated through state-of-the-art techniques, promise freshness, flavor, and sustainability that align with modern consumer inclinations.


*Sustainable Solutions: Vertical Farming  

Union Coop is committed to sustainability and understands the urgency of conserving vital resources like water and soil. The delegation explored the potential of vertical farming, a groundbreaking agricultural practice that consumes less water and other resources compared to traditional farming methods.


“Union Coop is excited to explore new possibilities with Bustanica, a place that exemplifies innovation and sustainability,” said Eng. Abdulla Mohammad Rafie Al Dallal, Managing Director at Union Coop. “We are committed to further strengthening our relationships with Bustanica, expanding our product range with high-quality offerings, and embracing sustainable solutions. This visit is a testament to our commitment to deliver the best to our customers while ensuring a brighter and greener future.”


He added that the cooperative is constantly seeking to do more to enrich its successful experiences in the field of retail trade and search for new investment opportunities by organizing periodic visits to Emirati farms to supply fresh food products of high quality, to increase the options available to consumers.


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