Union Coop Spends 14 Million on Merchandise Marking-Down in 2016

admin|November 22, 2017

Union Coop in Dubai declared the spending of more than 19 million and 500 thousand AED on promotional campaigns (happy deals and cash back) in the first 4 months of 2016, of which 14 million and 600 thousand AED to reduce the prices of goods. In the purpose of supporting its strategic goals to offer attractive shopping programs, developing its services to meet the latest international standers, and serve the community, that union coop work in.

62% increment in promotion campaigns
Mr. Suhail Albastaki – Marketing & Comm. Dept. manager in Union Coop– stated that “the Coop sales campaigns aims Exceeded the Customers Satisfaction and moved forward to Customers Happiness, through providing real discounts and services, providing the finest merchandise, in competitive prices, to meet their needs. Explaining that Union Coop increased its promotional campaigns by 62% comparing with 2015, to strengthen its main gaol in contributing to ease the burden on the citizens and residents”.

250 goods
“In each campaign, the number of discounted goods are 200-250; including food and non-food items. Beside the planned promotions offered by different divisions inside the Coop; like the bakery, butchery and fishery.” He elaborated.

50% Discounts
“Happy Deals 8 (Cool Summer) has been launched yesterday and will continue until the 30th of April, 2016. The campaign introduces the reduction of more than 200 goods up to 50%, including the basic daily used goods; like rice, cooking oil, desserts, fresh meat vegetables and fruit, in addition of electrical appliances and house hold items.” Albastaki added.
“Union Coop marked a 90% growth in its customers’ satisfaction during the year of 2015, according to a questionnaire. This confirms that Union Coop offers high standers services to its customers”. Noted Albastaki

Tamayaz Loyalty Card
Tamayaz Loyalty Card Allows Union Coop customers to earn reclaimable Tamayaz points and Additional discounts on goods subject to card type “Gold Card for shareholders and Silver non-shareholders “, offering discounts of up to 50% of the value during promotion campaigns of goods.

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