Union Coop: Offers and Discounts Boost Retail Markets

BENOI NAIR|October 6, 2023

Prepared By: Benoi Nair


Union Coop’s report highlights that this month will showcase a wide array of offers, which will boost footfall at stores.


Dubai, UAE:


Union Coop has affirmed that diverse offers and grand discounts observed in the retail sector, stores, and shopping centers in Dubai have led to increased consumer turnout. This is particularly evident in light of the competitive promotions launched by all outlets since the beginning of October.


In its current reports, Union Coop stated that the month of October, according to data, will witness intense competition with an upsurge in discount rates in many stores compared to previous initiatives. Some stores have recently offered significant discounts of up to 90% to commemorate their anniversary.


Furthermore, the report highlights that this month will showcase a wide array of offers, which will boost footfall at stores. It confirms that the heightened competition with e-commerce platforms will not adversely affect the demand for retail outlets or their foot traffic, as they possess competitive advantages in terms of after-sales services and product returns in case they do not meet specifications.


Union Coop anticipates a significant increase in sales during October due to these discounts, which will stimulate demand for products. Additionally, the growing number of tourists in the current period who prefer visiting physical stores for direct purchases is expected to contribute to this increase.


The report emphasizes that Dubai’s retail sector continues to evolve and make strides to become one of the country’s most vital sectors. The current overall performance, discounts, and the influx of financial flows and investments into this sector are clear indicators of its excellence and substantial growth.


Union Coop explains that the retail sector’s strategy relies on diversification to ensure viable growth. This includes competition, organized promotional campaigns, and significant discounts, rather than depending on a single specific approach. Furthermore, it underscores the diversity of both local and imported products. Dubai’s retail sector has successfully implemented various mechanisms to align with the needs of family consumers, among others.

Additionally, it points out that there are numerous competitive segments within the retail sector, where all players strive toward the same goal of increasing sales and attracting more buyers. However, in this competitive environment, each outlet must exert extra effort to differentiate itself from competitors, double its profits, and increase its sales percentages.


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