Union Coop Leads by Example the Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

BENOI NAIR|December 15, 2019

Prepared by: Benoi Nair



Dubai, UAE:

Union Coop has been leading by example when it comes to establishing new standards in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Through initiatives such as the sponsorship of educational classes for people suffering from ‘Down syndrome’ at Emirates Down Syndrome Association, Union Coop is considered to be the front-runner as a National entity that sponsors charitable and humanitarian work in UAE, especially sponsoring one of the most essential aspects in an individual’s life, which is ‘Education’.

Stressing on the importance of CSR initiatives for the society, Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Happiness and Marketing Department, Union Coop said, “Union Coop as a national entity understands the importance of CSR initiatives and its duty towards the society, and aims to support various parties to improve social awareness within the community and ultimately develop a culture of volunteerism.”

Al Bastaki stressed that Union Coop continues to support and implement specific CSR initiatives and programs, in line with the directives and noble goals of the wise leadership, which has not seen anybody left behind from its unprecedented humanitarian and sustainable development.

Speaking about the culture and awareness in the society, Al Bastaki added, “Union Coop contributed to spreading social awareness in the society by spreading a constructive culture that supports social cohesion and raises the cultural level. Additionally, Union Coop supports initiatives, programs and marketing awareness campaigns for Ministries, Government and Private institutions both materially and morally, by printing the logos and captions of awareness campaigns on their environment-friendly shopping bags, displaying the messages at Cash Screens and offering them space in out Malls and Branches as well.”

Al Bastaki pointed out several happiness programs that Union Coop released over the years that covers different sectors, as he said, “Union Coop pays great attention to all sectors, especially towards the people of determination as you see in shareholder happiness programs such as ‘Irada’ Program – For the people of Determination, in which Union Coop offers a purchase card to relieve the burden on the shareholder families, ‘Tamkeen’ – For Orphans and ‘Mabrook’ – For newly married shareholders, ‘Kafou’ – the academically outstanding sons of the shareholders and ‘Ghala’ – for the newborns for shareholders, in addition to the material and moral support to those who sponsor the people of determination, including Emirates Down Syndrome Association and other institutions that pay attention to similar category of people.”

Dr. Manal Jaroor, Chairperson of Emirates Down Syndrome Association, praised Union Coop’s support and stressed the importance of strengthening the bridges of cooperation with private sector institutions. Moreover, the Chairperson praised the support provided by its strategic partners, led by Union Coop, which contributed significantly to the sustainable development of the services of the association.

“We value this great role of our partners because this support is a strong attribute, essential to the sustainability of providing distinguished services for people of determination with ‘Down Syndrome’,” said Dr. Jaroor.


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