Union Coop buys 650 Tons of Fish Supplies in the Last 6 months

BENOI NAIR|August 10, 2021

Prepared By: Benoi Nair

Dubai, UAE:


Union Coop, the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE, revealed the quantity of fresh fish supplied to the 17 fish sections spread in Union Coop’s branches affiliated to it in various regions of Dubai, which amounted to 650 tons during the first half of the year 2021, stressing that the fish sections in all branches are operating at full capacity including the ones opened this year in the newly opened branches, and increase the types of local and imported fish in them to meet the various requests and desires of shoppers.

Mr. Yaqoob Al Balooshi, Fresh Category Trade Dept. Manager, Union Coop, confirmed that the volume of fish and other seafood that was supplied to Union Coop’s branches during the first half of this year accounted for about 650 tons of different types and varieties of fish and seafood, at a rate of 3.5 tons per day.

And he indicated that the strategic locations of Union Coop branches spread in various regions of Dubai, which is one of the unique family destinations for shopping, is designed to meet the needs of citizens and residents of all kinds of fresh meat, fish, vegetables and fruits at competitive prices through dedicated sections, which contributed to an increase in demand during the first half of this year 2021. In addition, all branches include a special section of cooking and grilling fish and a list of various types of rich and varied fish that meet the expectations and desires of seafood lovers.

He pointed out that the fish sections, which is available in 17 branches of the Union Coop, is keen to provide services that suit the desire and requests of the customers, as the role of Union Coop is not limited to providing high-quality products, but also to provide free additional services such as cutting, cleaning and packaging.

He added that Union Coop also provides grilling and frying service to meet all tastes according to flavors at a symbolic price per kilo through the best-experienced chefs, as it is keen to constantly provide the grilling department with the best international cooking equipment, and the highest standards of hygiene, and is keen to follow the highest quality standards, both in fresh ingredients used or in other ingredients of vegetables and spices to give Union Coop customers a delicious and exceptional tasting experience, in addition to providing the latest safety systems known worldwide.

And he indicated that the fish departments in the branches of the Union Coop provide more than 100 types of fish and marine products of fresh shellfishes and mollusks, imported from 26 countries from different corners of the world, namely the UAE, Oman, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, China, Iran, the Philippines, the United States, Canada, Chile, Norway and Turkey Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Denmark, Egypt, Tunisia, Madagascar, Uganda, Tanzania and New Zealand.

He explained that the Union Coop is keen to make its customers happy by presenting various offers and promotions, such as the salmon, shrimp, grills, supreme and seabass for people with different tastes, pointing out that fish lovers are provided at the festivals that are organized throughout the year with information about the nutritional value of fish and other seafood that has the benefit of fatty acids (omega-3) through periodic Smart Deals brochures.


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