Union Coop Awarded the Dubai Chamber CSR Label for the ‘Tenth’ consecutive time

BENOI NAIR|October 19, 2022

Prepared By: Benoi Nair


The prestigious CSR Label recognized Union Coop’s efforts in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.


Dubai, UAE:

Union Coop has awarded the Dubai Chamber Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Label for the 10th consecutive year. This is a recognition of the retail pioneer’s distinguished efforts in the field of corporate social responsibility and its commitment to developing responsible practices, and its role in supporting vital sectors through participation and organizing community initiatives and environmental – friendly activities.


Union Coop affirmed that the cooperative firmly believes in community contribution to achieving the aspirations of the nation and the vision of its wise leadership, and further embodies a tangible reality to garner a highly esteemed local confidence. Noting that it has clear imprints in its societal contribution since its inception, as it has supported social, health, security, economic, charitable, sports sectors and projects dedicated to youth.


The Cooperative explained that community contribution is among the priorities that the cooperative relates to because of its great and positive impact on the members of the community, wherein receiving the prestigious CSR Label for the 10th time in a row is a clear indicator of the cooperative’s keenness to contribute to supporting the national economy by supporting social groups and institutions to achieve results that serve the aspirations of the wise leadership.


It is worth noting that the Dubai Chamber CSR Label is a diagnostic and development tool for companies to implement responsible/ethical business practices, as this label allows them to discover shortcomings and strengths in their strategy, and to manage the effects of their business activity on the environment and society. The Label can also be used to conduct an internal review of the responsible social policies applied in a company, and to evaluate and develop performance in all aspects.



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