Union Coop announces 5-day Flexible Sick Leave

BENOI NAIR|January 18, 2022

Prepared By: Benoi Nair

Image: Ali Mohamed Alnuaimi


The cooperative launches a quality initiative that allows employees to take 5-day sick leaves without the need for a medical certificate

Dubai, UAE:

Union Coop, the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE, confirmed that it pays great attention to raising the level of satisfaction and happiness of its employees, as it constantly launches initiatives that reduce job and financial burdens on them to raise levels of happiness in all its departments and branches, as it recently launched a qualitative initiative that allows the employee to take sick leave 5 times annually without visiting the hospitals and bringing medical papers proving his illness in case his condition does not need to see a doctor.

In detail, Mr. AHMAD BIN KENAID AL FALASI, Human Resources & Emiratization Department Director, Union Coop, said that the cooperative is committed to raising the level of happiness among its employees, as it has allocated programs and activities that promote spreading positivity and happiness among employees, leading to a positive work environment that indirectly conveys happiness to the consumers through the services they provide and raise the performance indicators in the departments.

And he continued: The cooperative decided, after conducting a study that involved all its departments and listening to the observations, suggestions and opinions of employees, to grant sick leave of 5 separate days annually without the need for the employee to bring proof of his illness, noting that some employees may feel some fatigue and tired from time to time, which does not require a doctor’s visit, as the employee needs rest, so the cooperative decided to give the employees this leave so that they can take a rest in case they encounter any mild health symptoms.

He indicated that the cooperative constantly launch initiatives and projects that aim to achieve its future goals by creating a distinctive work environment, as this initiative is in harmony with the directives of the wise leadership of the country, which constantly directs that the function of all institutions is to create an environment in which people can achieve their happiness.

He added that it must be emphasized that the cooperative is keen on listening closely to the opinions, suggestions and comments of employees, which helps it to create the desired environment and spread the concepts of happiness among its employees, as it believes in teamwork, which is one of its core values.

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