Union Coop and Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization Collaborate to Train Emirati Students

BENOI NAIR|April 26, 2024

Prepared By: Benoi Nair

Collaboration to provide training to Emirati students, aiming to enhance their skills and facilitate their integration into the private sector workforce.


Dubai, UAE:


Union Coop, in partnership with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, recently offered practical and vocational training opportunities for Emirati school students from March 25 to April 5, 2024. This initiative, conducted in collaboration with the Emirates Schools Establishment, saw the training of 5 students initially at the Union Coop branch in Al Warqa City Mall.

This effort aligns with the Ministry’s Vocational and Practical Training Program for school students in private sector companies. The aim is to provide more training opportunities for national cadres, enabling Emirati students to actively participate in and support their employment in the private sector workforce. By offering real-world professional experiences, the program aims to refine students’ skills and enhance their sense of responsibility.

Mr. Mohamed Al Hashemi, CEO of Union Coop, stated the Cooperative’s goal to train 100 Emirati students by the end of 2025. This commitment supports the equipping of students with practical experience during various stages of their education and careers. Union Coop’s participation in the program highlights its dedication to ‘Emiratization’ and the encouragement of youth to pursue careers in the private sector.

Al Hashemi emphasized the positive impacts of training students while they are in school, including personality development, skill enhancement, and increased readiness for the job market. He highlighted Union Coop’s collaboration with relevant authorities to provide suitable vocational training, reflecting its commitment to developing local talent and enhancing competitiveness in the job market.

Union Coop remains committed to launching innovative initiatives in training and qualification, further integrating citizens into available jobs. This dedication underscores its national responsibility towards society and the youth, aligning with the country’s vision for economic development.


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