Union Coop Amasses AED 970 Thousand in Employee Support Fund

BENOI NAIR|November 23, 2020

Prepared By: Benoi Nair 


The program was created because of the combined efforts of Union Coop management and Employees as a way to support other employees/staffs in need 


Dubai, UAE:


Since the launch of the ‘donations’ program for humanitarian cases in the year 2018, the employees of Union Coop – the largest Consumer Cooperative, through the Department of Human Resources and Emiratization have accumulated an amount of AED 970 thousand as humanitarian support for their colleagues who have undergone dire circumstances. This comes as a mean to achieve the highest levels of support for employees in need, strengthen institutional loyalty, its application on the ground and instil the concept of collaborative efforts.

For his part, Mr. Ahmad Bin Kenaid, Director of Human Resources and Emiratization, Union Coop applauded the initiative and the spirit of the donors as he said – “Since the launch of the program in the year 2018, we have been working continuously through ‘Employee Happiness Unit’ to develop an integrated system and work environment that enhances institutional loyalty, propels the creation of an attractive and appropriate environment to build a unified work family.”

“The program aims to support all its members in all aspects,” – says Bin Kenaid pointing out that the fundraising initiative is one of the creative initiatives that offer assistance to the members of Union Coop family and allow them to help each other, which develops their sense of social responsibility.

Bin Kenaid explains that participating in such initiatives is a noble and beloved act among members of society.

“The senior management is keen through its directives, to implement programs and initiatives aimed at creating the concept of Union Coop institution as a family for each and every one of its employees, in addition to promoting the concept that every employee in his place contributes directly or indirectly in continuing to occupy the throne of Consumer Cooperatives. Also in expand, spread, develop, provide the best in the field of retail trade and creating a sustainable national economy,” – Added Bin Kenaid.

Bin Kenaid pointed out that – “The humanitarian cases program would not have seen the success it achieved, without the donations from Union Coop employees, so we thank every employee who contributed to the continuity and provision of the program and its benefits and services for his brothers in despair and colleagues in need.”

He added – “According to the directives of the senior management, the communication channel to benefit from the services of the program being only and directly with the Director of Human Resources and Emiratization, as this will ensure complete confidentiality and not to cause embarrassment to the employees and to contribute to the dissemination of the desired benefit of the program. The HRE Director studies the humanitarian cases, makes the decision and the applicant is informed in person.”

To contribute to the Humanitarian Cases Program, employees can visit ‘Tawasol’ then chose ‘Employee Self-Service, select ‘Donation Form for Humanitarian Cases’. Here the employee can choose the monthly value he or she wishes to donate to the program and then submit the request.


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