Union Coop: 97 Employees Assisted Through ‘Humanitarian Cases’ Program

Mohammad Alrefaiy|February 21, 2023

Prepared By: Benoi Nair

A total of AED 280,386.20 was donated as Humanitarian aid to 97 employees who went through unfortunate circumstances in the year 2022

:Dubai, UAE

Mr. Ahmad Salem Bin Kenaid Al Falasi, Human Resources & Emiratization Department Director, Union Coop, confirmed that the Dept.’s ‘Employee Happiness Unit’ through the ‘Humanitarian Cases’ program for cooperative employees successfully assisted 97 employees by generating a total aid of AED 280,386.20. The program was launched earlier to motivate and enable cooperative employees to contribute towards the aid of their less fortunate colleagues, who have gone through unfortunate circumstances..

The HRE Director also pointed out that the total assistance since the beginning of the program until 2022 end accounted to AED 1,738,076.27

The Director further revealed that the HRE Dept. in the year 2022 was able to cover sick cases outside the scope of health insurance for 60 employees, at a total cost of AED 320,000. This was carried out through a special agreement with the health insurance firm to cover the treatment of employees who need treatment outside the insurance benefits, as the aim of these humanitarian initiatives is to promote and spread the principle of social solidarity among employees.

The ‘Humanitarian Cases’ program is considered one of the most important strategic initiatives that aim to promote and spread the principle of social solidarity among employees.

He pointed out that the cooperative continues to plan, through the ‘Employee Happiness Unit’, to achieve its annual goals and present new and innovative initiatives to offer an exceptional work environment, to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of employees, which reflects more positively on the effectiveness and productivity of employees in the work environment.

Moreover, the HRE Director indicated that the Employee Happiness Unit carried out several initiatives in the previous year that promoted inclusivity such as organizing group breakfasts in the staff accommodation in the blessed month of Ramadan, distributing Eidiyat through the electronic draw on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr and offering lunch meal to all employees at the staff accommodation on the occasion of Eid Al- Adha.

Additionally, there was the celebration of UAE National Day, the continuation of the ‘Employee of the Month’ initiative, best workstation per month, in addition to ‘best room’ and ‘best housing’ and the launch of Cooperative sports tournaments in the blessed month of Ramadan with exciting prizes for winning teams and volunteers for coordinating trips to the Sharjah Aquarium, holding refreshing summer initiative, participating in the Dubai Fitness Challenge initiatives and offering free ‘Breast Cancer’ check-ups and awareness initiatives for female employees, seasonal vaccination for influenza and much more.

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