AED14 million Union Coop contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility

admin|November 22, 2017

Union Coop, the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE, has spent AED 14, 277 Million on Corporate Social Responsibility “CSR”, during the first half of year 2017 to boost Union Coop’s strategy and excellence in social service in the areas where it operates -Dubai, emphasizing its role in community service and participation in social development.
Commenting on that Mr. Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Happiness and Marketing Department at Union Coop said” Union Coop contributed to support its shareholders through shareholders Happiness Programs, Where it spent about AED 2 million on the “SA’ADA”, a program that supports low-income families that receive subsidies from the Ministry of Community Development, the Community Development Authority, or from Charities. These families submitted their applications, and we issued 2000 purchase cards, each of AED 500 per month for 6 months.
He added “Union Coop has spent Dh 400,800 on “Ghala” Program, This program is tailored towards supporting the shareholders’ newborns. It grants an AED 400 purchase card monthly for 6 months. We registered 167 children in the program. Registration is open until end of this year, or reaching the planned number of 800 babies.

Support authorities
Al Bastaki pointed out “Union Coop participated in supporting the vital sectors in the Emirate of Dubai, represented in social sector, human and charitable work, and partnership with the Ministries and Governmental Establishments, such as supporting Future Managers Program with a total sum of AED 65,550 by recruiting the students of Universities to work at Union Coop during their study period, Imam Malik College for Islamic Shariah and Law with a total sum of AED 110,000. Furnishing Dubai Municipality Villas. Support Dubai International Holy Quran Award with a total sum of AED 500,000. Disbursed on Iftar Campaigns total sum of AED 110, 000. Support of Al Jalila Corporation with a total sum of AED 2 million, Dubai Cares with a total sum of AED 2 million, Sponsoring Challenge Race Program with a total sum of AED 250,000 and finally Dubai Customs with a total sum of AED 60,000 ”.

23 authorities
He added “Union Coop supported 23 Government and private sector authorities to raise the social awareness and constructive culture in the community, and to support social unity via Union Coop sponsorship to marketing and awareness campaigns launched by ministries, government institutions, and private institutions through printing awareness campaigns logos on shopping bags or setting promotion counters to highlight and introduce the campaigns at malls and the cooperative branches. Union Coop also displays the slogan of these campaigns on the screens of POS throughout its branches.

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