38% Emiratization Reported by Union Coop in 2022

BENOI NAIR|March 15, 2023

Prepared By: Benoi Nair



One of the highest Emiratization rates in the private sector


Dubai, UAE:


Dubai-based retailer ‘Union Coop’ stressed the importance of ‘Emiratization’ in the private sector as the Human Resources & Emiratization Department Director, Mr. Ahmad Salem Bin Kenaid Al Falasi revealed that the percentage of Emiratis working in the cooperative until the end of 2022 reached 38%. This highlights the cooperative’s plans and strategies to increase the Emiratization percentage annually in response to the UAE government’s directives to support Emirati youth and motivate them to join the private sector and develop the national economy.


He continued that the cooperative is one of the private sector institutions that support the directives of the government and the wise leadership of the UAE in various fields and especially ‘Emiratization’, noting that it aims to provide more jobs to the national talents and to localize all jobs in its various Divisions and departments spread in Dubai.


He pointed out that the number of male and female nationals who occupy jobs in divisions, departments and branches is 445, out of which 11 hold key leadership positions, indicating that the cooperative seeks to raise the percentage of Emiratization annually, to achieve the required proportions.


The cooperative offers multiple benefits to attract Emirati candidates such as lucrative salaries as per the job market standards, appropriate job-oriented training programs, monthly and annual promotions/job rewards, all of which indicate that the current Emiratization rate of Cooperative is the one of the highest in the private sector when compared to its competitors due to the benefits offered.


He added that one of the most important plans undertaken by Union Coop’s ‘Human Resources and Emiratization’ Department to localize jobs is by empowering national cadres, developing and training them continuously, and cooperating with the Emiratization programs provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization like ‘Nafis’ to give opportunities to young Emiratis, and to appoint them on a part-time basis, in addition to supporting the employment of Emiratis by contributing and actively participating in the “Nafis” program. This falls within the framework of expanding the scope of its plans and strategies to attract qualified, experienced and new Emirati graduates to work under its umbrella.


The HRE Director further stressed that one of the most important goals of Emiratization in the Cooperative is to deviate from the norm and bring in new ideas while supporting the national Emiratization movement. Additionally, the Cooperative commits to fulfilling its societal role by employing Emiratis and offering job opportunities to the youth. At present, Union Coop currently seeks to attract Emirati cadres from all categories for multiple roles in a way that ensures the fulfilment of job aspirations, as the national talents are qualified, trained and mentored, all the while creating an attractive work environment for them.



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