150 training courses organized by Union Coop since the beginning of 2022

BENOI NAIR|August 4, 2022

Prepared By: Benoi Nair


Dubai, UAE:


Mrs. Priya Chopra – Strategy, Innovation & Corporate Development Dept. Director, Union Coop revealed the number of training courses organized by the Training and Development Section since the beginning of the current year 2022, which summed up to 150 training courses, benefiting numerous employees in all Sections, Departments and Branches affiliated with the cooperative.

She stressed that the cooperative is keen through its Training and Development section  to develop and refine the skills of employees, in line with recent developments in all fields and sectors, noting that various training courses were held for all employees, most of which were held remotely and some were in physical attendance while following all the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all those affiliated with these courses.


She pointed out that the courses were comprehensive, as they included all forms of training ranging from ‘All about Union Coop’ training, in addition to basic food safety, business continuity management, mock fire evacuation drill, training employees on pricing mechanisms, and other specialized courses on methods and skills of interaction and communication with others, the art of effective delegation and self-development.


She pointed out that the Strategy, Innovation & Corporate Development Dept. has set among its annual priorities training employees to hone their skills and increase their knowledge in various fields to supplement their knowledge stock.

She indicated that the training courses were in Arabic, Urdu and English languages to benefit all those affiliated with the courses and to reach the largest segment of employees, noting that the cooperative constantly holds various and diverse training courses for its employees, to raise their efficiency to achieve the highest levels of customer happiness by offering them the best and finest services.


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