Yaqoub Al Balloushi : 2016 year of local water products

admin|November 22, 2017

Mr. Yaqoob Al Balloushi, Manager of Fresh Food Purchases in Cooperative Union Society, indicated that by the advent of 2016 most items of vegetables presented in outlets of Society will be from the local water agriculture products, referring that total daily sales of vegetables in branches of Cooperative Union Society are average from 60 to 70 tons.

He added that the purchase capacity of consumers is usually high in winter season, with a percentage of 30 to 40 % , compared to the other seasons, justifying the same by many factors , the foremost of which is decrease of prices of local and Omani vegetables presented in the markets, increase of number of tourists, decrease of the opposite percentage of traveling among inhabitants of U. A. E., because of decrease of temperature and mild climate witnessed by the Country.

Al Balloushi assured “that Cooperative Union Society pays an attention to the national agricultural products , and is still the first authority in the country that markets products of the local water agriculture, since 2010, and it earnestly attempts to define and enlighten the consumers about their benefit and food and agricultural value, whereas this comes in framework of aims of the Society, represented in support of the national products, participation in achievement of food security, and its interest in helping the national farmers supported by “My Crop” Program, and give them priority of purchase.

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