“UNION COOP” Reduces Price Of 220 products During Eid al-Adha

admin|December 24, 2017

20 September 2015:

UNION COOP declared the dedication of AED 2000,000 for supplying nearly 220 products within the campaign of Happy Deals that is dedicated to Eid al-Adha. The campaign starts today “Monday” 21 September/Elul and continues until 26 of the same month. The discount on the products reaches 40%; this is to support the efforts of the society to stabilize prices and in the framework of the society’s commitment to provide the best offers and discounts during feasts, official and national occasions. In addition to providing the best quality in sufficient quantities which satisfy the needs of consumers.

Regarding the most significant products in this discount, the society stated, “It is keen to reduce the prices of the essential products in which people rush upon during this period, including chocolate, nuts, rice, oil, sweets, meat, vegetables, fruits, household items and toys. It is expected that the number of shoppers may increase in a percentage of 20% during the period of feast compared to other regular days.”

In addition, the society disclosed, “It will issue during the campaign of Eid al-Adha two baskets of fruits differ in size and price, the first is AED 99 and the second is AED 135. They include 20 different items, so that the discount percentage for these baskets reaches nearly 40 to 50% compared to their price in regular days. These baskets get a high rush from the shoppers, since the society sold last year about 12 thousand baskets, except the special baskets that are prepared according to the selection of the clients.”

Moreover, the society added, “The prices are very convenient and accessible to all, since the baskets include high quality products from Thailand, Egypt, Jordan and other countries. Further, it provides offers for many essential products from vegetables and fruits that reach 50%, in order to pave the way for the shopper to choose freely from different types of products with competitive prices.”

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