Union Coop: Prepared to Pack 1 Million Packages in 24 Hours

BENOI NAIR|March 21, 2022

Prepared By: Benoi Nair

Image: Ali Mohamed Alnuaimi



The process is considered one of the fastest operations at the regional level

Dubai, UAE:

Mr. Ayoub Mohammed, Operations Manager, Union Coop announced the Cooperative’s ability to carry out one million packaging operations within 24 hours for food and consumer parcels and in-kind gifts, in addition to its ability to meet the demands of all types of packaging from customers according to their desires and needs of materials and goods, noting that such a process is considered one of the fastest operations at the regional level, which is implemented in this period and the standard time.

He indicated that this announcement came at a time of increasing demand in the region for packaging products and commodities with less turnaround time, and maximizing the production capacity by effectively meeting the needs of local communities while adhering to health and safety standards and reducing costs.

In addition, he indicated that this new initiative is an important step within the framework of cooperative efforts to reduce the time and cost of bulk orders, whether institutions, companies or charities, at the end, it is in the interest of all stakeholders, which includes a wide segment of society.

He pointed out that the cooperative has employees who have the ability, competence and experience to devise many proactive solutions and raise productivity through the use of modern technologies and means, to make the cooperative the preferred destination for all groups, whether companies, institutions or individuals, as the company is keen to provide a maximum production capacity of one million boxes within 24 hours, to expand its business in the field of packaging and consolidate its leadership in this field as well.

And he indicated that the Cooperative was recently able to complete an order for one of its customers in record time by packaging more than 200,000 parcels within less than 12 hours thanks to the efficiency of its work team, and was able to complete the order in less than the specified and agreed time and deliver it to the customer according to the required specifications without making mistakes.


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