Union Coop Announces Discounts up to 75% on more than 10,000 Products

BENOI NAIR|February 11, 2021

Prepared By: Benoi Nair
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The ‘First Call’ Campaign has Union Coop invest AED 8 Million to ease the burden on Consumers through a 3-Day promotion


Dubai, UAE:


Renowned hypermarket brand in Dubai – Union Coop, which is also the largest Consumer Cooperative in the UAE has announced that it has allocated an amount of AED 8 Million in a 3-day promotional campaign from 10 to 12 February named ‘First Call’ to reduce the prices of a wide variety of Food and Non Food Products in addition to fresh products and electronics. The campaign included more than 10, 000 products with discounts of up to 75%, and this comes within its strategic objective aimed at implementing attractive shopping programs of high value that benefit the shareholders and consumers, in addition to community support and service, which is in line with the country’s economic and social goals.


Speaking about the campaign was Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Happiness and Marketing Dept. who said that: – “We expect a surge in the sale of about 40% during this campaign compared to normal days, as we are offering discounts up to 75% on more than 10, 000 food and non-food products from over 100 categories that meet consumer needs,” pointing out that despite the tough situation created by Covid-19 pandemic, Union Coop looks forward to easing the burden on consumers by providing goods at competitive prices through promotions and discounts while reassuring them of steady availability of goods at reduced prices since this is one of the major strategic goals of Union Coop.


“This campaign aims to meet the needs and requirements of the consumers and seeks to maximize the benefit for him and solidifies our plans that are in the consumer interest,” says Al Bastaki who points out that the price cuts include important and basic commodities such as Rice, Oil, Meat and Sweets, as well as Vegetables and Fruits, in addition to electrical and household appliances.


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