Russian Delegates Visit Union Coop to Discuss Retail Experiences

BENOI NAIR|October 4, 2021

Prepared By: Benoi Nair


The visiting delegation is affiliated with a group of reputed Russian firms and interested in Union Coop’s retail expertise and experience.



Dubai, UAE:


Union Coop – the largest Consumer Cooperative in the UAE received a Russian delegation affiliated to ‘Food Retail and Delivery’ group of companies who were interested in sharing Union Coop’s expertise and experience.


Part of the visit dealt with learning about the best practices implemented in the field of food retail, delivery and customer happiness services, expansion strategies, sharing experiences and establishing strategic partnerships. The delegations included senior officials for firms such as VkusVill, Sushi Master, Fozzy Group and more, who visited Al Warqa City mall to learn about key subjects such as sustainable business, customer happiness service, online and offline loyalty, innovation and contemporary trends in food retail and delivery, digital solutions for retail and much more.


Union Coop was represented by Mrs. Priya Chopra – Strategy, Innovation & Corporate Development Director, Mrs. Darin Awida the Deputy Director of Strategy, Innovation & Corporate Development Dept., Mr. Yaqoob Al Balooshi, Fresh Category Trade Dept. Manager, Mr. MOHAMMAD ABBAS, Al Warqa Branch Manager and Mrs. SANA GUL – Trade Development Sec. Manager Trading Division, received the delegation and organized a tour of the Union Coop hypermarket, Al Warqa Branch located at Al Warqa City Mall, after a meeting held earlier with the delegation at InterContinental Hotel, Festival City – Dubai.

Mr. Mohammad Abbas and Mrs. Sana Gul gave very valuable and trade relevant insights to the delegation covering the Operational and Customer trends to the visiting Delegates.


“Retail is one of the most fascinating aspects of Dubai, which has garnered attention from different parts of the globe. Union Coop has been the frontrunner when it comes to ethical and sustainable retail trade practices, which is why people are attracted to the brand. This visit was a learning experience not only for the guests but also for us as we got the opportunity to share information on how we manage different aspects of the retail business, compared to their style of working. Their expression of disbelief and delight over Union Coop’s retail management especially the newly launched ‘Union Farm’ was a welcome sight for all of us,” explained Mrs. Priya Chopra.


It is worth mentioning that before the tour – both parties in a conference discussed and shared information on Customer happiness services and promotional programs at Union Coop, Organic farming concept launched recently, Innovations introduced by Union Coop in the retail, Smart sales concept, Food safety policy at Union Coop, Working with the fresh category of products, Coop and Mini Coop stores, Business Sustainability and more.



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