Want to improve your Child’s Concentration? Try these Brainy Foods!!!

BENOI NAIR|March 31, 2019

Children are human beings like us, they just happen to be smaller. We often forget the fact that times have changed and today, the struggle of our young ones is a different mind game altogether. If you want them to excel amidst the cut-throat competition present today, then you as a parent need to work on improving their concentration skills because ‘concentration’ is everything.

Ask yourself, if you can offer your child a sugar-laden energy drink or caffeine laded mixture to study before an exam? Sure tea and coffee does the job in most cases but how many cups can a child consume in order to stay attentive and study? Thankfully, we list here 5 superfoods that could help your child to concentrate and improve brainpower for the years to come:


  1. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

He greenish elixir of a portion not only adds sumptuous flavour to your salad but helps in keeping Alzheimer’s at bay as well. People who are into Mediterranean diet add loads of olive oil to their meals, and have shown increased resistance to dementia and several brain-impairing conditions.


  1. Wild Salmon

Nearly everyone knows that salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acid, but rarely people realize what it does to your body. The polyunsaturated fatty acids in Wild Salmon is a brain-saving element that prevents cognitive decline. When we speak of salmon, we mean the wild salmon and not the farmed variety!


  1. Coconut Oil

If we start listing the benefits of Coconut oil here then we might deviate from the topic itself. To give you an idea, coconut oil has magical properties that help keep the skin young, hair smooth and keeps the brain properly fuelled. Coconut oil is rich in MCT or medium-chain triglycerides, which help break ‘ketones’ that aid in creating fuel for the brain.


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  1. Turmeric

Ask any Spices lover person and will sing to you the benefits of ‘turmeric’, which is a wonders spice that has been widely used for medicinal purposes for many centuries. One of the many benefits of turmeric is that it prevents dementia and brain trauma. Turmeric is rich in a ‘curcumin’, an anti-inflammatory agent that improves cognitive functions as well.


  1. Blueberries

Common knowledge is that ‘blueberries’ are rich in antioxidants. Another good to know the info is that these antioxidants improve brain functions and prevents accelerated ageing of the brain.


These are just 5 of the many superfoods that can improve cognitive functions. We will be back with more in the part -2 of this blog. If you liked what you read then give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. Have something to say then comment!


P.S: It’s always ideal to consult a physician or a health expert before you try anything on your own. This blog does not teach you to deal with any underlying physical condition.



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