5 Personalities on the road that make driving a nightmare

BENOI NAIR|July 10, 2018

We dwell in a fast-paced economy and are leading a dynamic life as we talk, wherein ‘driving’ plays a vital role. It’s become more of a necessity than a luxury… to be honest. Two of the most important factors that define one’s driving experience are – the condition of the road you’re travelling on and secondly, the type of drivers you deal with en route. Thanks to the efforts and dedication of Roads and Transport Authority, Dubai roads are indeed best in the world.


Talking about the second factor that is ‘type of drivers’ you’re dealing with on road is something nobody can guess. This blog will talk about some unique personalities of drivers we come across daily while driving to work or back home, with a humorous twist.


Personality 1

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The Egotist “Drives as if he owns the road”


Who doesn’t like a smooth journey towards office or any other destination for that matter? The egotist are the ones who prefer not to give indicators while taking turns and they do not allow novice to change lane that easily as well. They are very good at making law-abiding drivers seem pretty silly.


Personality 2

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The Multitasking

These types of personality can be found driving at irregular speeds and turns, thanks to their unique talent of being able to talk on cellphone and drive at the same time. As a good driver, one should not try to teach them sense and better leave this job to the expert ‘lawmakers’ to deal it.


Personality 3

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The over emotional “Gets angry on small incidents…”

These personality drivers are over-emotional as they happen to be the short-tempered ones. Make any mistake and you will invite the wrath of these drivers, thereby ruining your entire day. The best way of dealing with these drivers is to ignore them and move on. However, if you have spare time and energy to waste, feel free to indulge in ‘war of words’.


Personality 4

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Mr. RIGHT “Never accepts his or her fault…”

Dealing with ‘Mr. Intelligent’ is like running into a brick wall. They will never accept their own mistakes or shortcomings and instead will list down the number of non-existent laws you broke, leaving you feeling like a criminal. There is a ‘Mr. Intelligent’ in all of us!

Personality 5

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No Idea “Creating problem for others”

These people unintentionally create problem for others while they change lanes without indicators, take sharp cuts and even drive below the minimum speed limit. You have no option but to either honk or change the lane in which they are driving.


How we can avoid becoming any of the aforementioned personalities?


  1. Remembering and adapting all the necessary information/instructions communicated during the ‘License application process’
  2. Respecting other drivers and doing what you expect them to do when you’re in trouble
  3. Reminding yourself that Driving should always be a pleasant and safe experience for everyone and acting accordingly
  4. Adapting a defensive approach to driving
  5. Adjusting mirrors to take care of ‘blind spots’ and keeping them clean
  6. Adhering to the speed limit of the road
  7. If you’re sleepy, tired or exhausted… better catch a cab or ask a friend to drop you.
  8. Consider NOT USING a Cell Phone while driving (even if you are waiting for the traffic signal to turn green)



Life is all about creating a balance of emotions, especially while giving and taking ‘respect’. The same theory is applicable to driving because at times your life depends on it. If you liked this write-up, give it a thumbs up and feel free to share as well.



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