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Import & Private Label

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Our Import & Private Label Department has been working day-in and day-out towards making ends meet, in terms of organizational goals. Our Import and Private Label department primarily cover three vital areas:

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Our Import strategies are focussed on eliminating third parties and deploying major suppliers in our clientele, to accumulate quality product ranges. Establishing connections with major international suppliers is easy said than done, as this is a lengthy procedure. We have to establish a communication ground with suppliers and international businesses by visiting their exhibitions – domestic and international venues. Production and quality assessment has always been our top priority, which is why all the analyses are made while visiting the supplier base in person, rather than relying on hypothetical paperwork. After initial Production and Quality assessment, we start with sales & marketing analysis in order to estimate sales from import.
Moreover, we encourage the participation of SME’s through our business operations as well. Our Import & Private label department targets local suppliers for specific products so that young businesses can participate. Most of the amateur businesses come through Mohammed Bin Rashid establishment for SME development. Supporting and encouraging SME’s has always been an inherent value and belief of Union Coop culture.
Our Private Label strategies are all about positive substitution – includes generic products that prove to be the best alternative options for some renowned international brand names in terms of value-for-money. Having value-for-money product line does not undermine the quality of these products, compared to their counterparts.

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