“Union Cooperative Society” Honors 360 Excellent Employees within Events of Making Staff Happy

admin|February 27, 2016

Within the events of the unit of making staff happy, Department of Human Resources of Union Cooperative Society has honored 360 excellent staff from different departments since the beginning of the year till the midst of September in appreciating their efforts and loyalty in work.

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By this occasion, Ahmed Salem Bin Kenaid, Human Recourses Department manager said that “The department of Human Recourses organizes monthly a celebration to honor a number of the active and efficient staff, aiming at improving the performance in the manner achieving the strategy of the Society in finding out innovative and remarkable service concepts achieving the aspirations of the consumers, contributing in the improvement of their satisfaction for the services rendered by us and encouraging the human cadres to provide the individual and collective contributions to develop the performance and upgrade the institutional work system in the Society”.

Bin Kanid clarified that “The main and fixed goal of Union Cooperative Society is to honor the staff of remarkable and positive works as a motivation for all staff to get up the culture of excellence as a work and performance methodology in order to improve the efficiency and competency of the Society, increase the production, improve the services and work environment and upgrade the level of professional satisfaction in the Society”.
The honored staff expressed their appreciation and thanked the Society Management for their honor, considering this as a motivation for themselves and their colleagues to endeavor every effort to achieve the desired and remarkable goals of the Society, contributing in keeping on and upgrading its reputation in the community assuring that the society is their second family and the source of their innovation and motivation for bestowal and brilliance in the field of work.
Published at Arabic newspapers

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