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admin|June 28, 2016

The Holy month of Ramadan teaches us a certain set of skills, most of which are spiritual while others are material and could be lived throughout the month. One of the most notable experiences of the month is the preparation of Iftar meals with friends and coworkers with the same ingredients and flavors of home cooked food. This experience gives a sense of having a big family regardless of all cultural and ethnical differences; it is an experience of happiness and tolerance.

Shifel Abdulrahman, Assistant Cashier describing his experience during the month of Ramadan with these words while stressing that Iftar time strengthen friendship relations as all coworkers come together to share their meal; some will be cooking the meal, others prepare the table which gives all workers a sense of family cohesion and love.

For his part, Rahman Mohammad Ali, Promoter, said that he learnt how to peal potato and prepare Arabic Salad, which is his favorite salad during Ramadan. Although he enjoys the month with his friends and coworkers, Rahman said that he still misses Iftar with his family, especially with his mother who would bless his and his brothers with prayers on Iftar time.

Mahmood Fathi, Team Leader, noted that the experience of having Iftar with coworkers introduced him to various cultural backgrounds and Ramadan traditions of various people. This gives a sense of united family, not only professional relationship that ends with working hours.

For his part, Mr. Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Happiness and Marketing Department explained: “based on our commitment to establishing family-like relations among the team, our Department is keen to provide cordial Ramadan atmosphere during the holy month.”

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