10 Tons of Local Hydroponic Products are Sold Daily at Union Coop

BENOI NAIR|October 2, 2018

Prepared By: Benoi Nair
Photographer : Sultan Almarzooqi


Retail Pioneer Union Coop records 35 percent increase in the purchase of local Hydroponic Products compared to 2017


Dubai, UAE:

Retail Pioneer, Union Coop recently revealed that the purchase value of its Hydroponic Products, since the beginning of the year to the third quarter reached AED 13 Million, 35 percent increase compared to the last year of 2017. Union Coop has always been an advocate of supporting local farmers and contributing to a sustainable agricultural environment and enhance stock and food security.    

Mr. Yaqoob Al Balooshi, Fresh Category Trade Dept. Manager, “Union Coop sells about 10 tons of Hydroponic Products in all its branches across Dubai. Consumers can find 25 varieties of Hydroponic Products of high quality at competitive prices.”

“Union Coop encourages farmers to develop local farms and organize/participate in workshops and development lectures that will assist in improving the quality and quantity of the products while maintaining their commitment to international standards. Since 2007, Union Coop has been working in coordination with the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment to purchase the produce from local farmers and market the same through their outlets in Dubai, and facilitate the necessary procedures and contracts with organic producers, issue their dues faster than other suppliers.”

“Union Coop has been gracious enough to allocate free display spaces for these products, and market them through its outlets to other farms in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Dubai. Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah,” says Al Balooshi

With respect to Union Coop’s plan to increase production, Al Balooshi said, “We conduct regular visits to the farms, follow up production lines and inputs, hold periodic meetings and lectures for the farmers to inform them about the best international practices of agriculture and guide them to cultivate the varieties that are high in demand by the consumers.”

Noting that they also hold workshops and training courses for farmers in cooperation with the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, to encourage them to invest in organic production through the investment of their land in that agriculture.  

The UAE has witnessed a remarkable development in all sectors, especially the agriculture sector. This comes in line with the Government’s keenness to build sustainable plans with firm rules to benefit our generation and future generations with well-being and happiness.

Al Balooshi stressed the high level of awareness of the wise leadership and its insight into the importance of agriculture, self-reliance and harnessing technology in creating a sustainable environment that contributes to achieving the desired goal of creating an environment that meets all the needs of the society and provides food security.

He stressed that agriculture in the UAE has set a global benchmark, as the state currently produces 25 to 30 variety of vegetables and fruits of different quality and as per high specifications and European standards, in addition to the use of modern technologies to reduce water consumption.

He adds that the desert has become a productive land suitable for agriculture thanks to the guidance of wise leadership and their vast support to the agricultural sector and farmers in the country. Today there are many competent authorities to address the issue of agriculture interest in the development and upgrading, and corporate with many national economic entities to support the process of agriculture by providing Display areas for farmers.

“Consumers have to support local products by buying them, which contributes to a sustainable economy. It is useful to support local products that contribute to the success and prosperity of our precious country,” said Al Balooshi

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