Children, Ramadan and YOU

BENOI NAIR|May 20, 2019

Ramadan for the Muslims is like a month wherein parents try to teach their children to not only fast but to develop certain qualities that will make them a better human being in the future. Few notable traits with respect to the pious month include the aspects of fasting, religious penance and righteousness, which leads to self-awareness and gratitude for the almighty.

For children, everything in this world is a concept, which is not easy to understand on their own, with Ramadan being no different. However, it is important to inculcate the true meaning of tradition and culture in the upcoming generation, including teaching them the value of Ramadan and Fasting.

Here’s what a parent can do:


Being forceful will not help

I believe everyone is smart enough to realize that some things in life cannot be rushed or forced; ‘Faith’ is one of them. As a parent, you have the duty to explain the significance of fasting to the child and set an example yourself for others to follow. Give them an idea of what fasting and other formalities are about by allowing them to fast half a day or maybe a single day, depending on the child’s will.

Asking them to participate in traditional activities like Suhour and Iftar will help them realize their importance and give them a ‘matured’ feeling. Involving them in the Ramadan activities will not only help them realize the true meaning of traditions and but will motivate them to get involved deeply in the customs as well.

It’s not about just involving them in fasting only, but allowing them to participate in food preparation, prayers and even teaching them more about the Holy Quran and the commandments. The whole idea behind involving them more is to make them responsible!


Help them realize in their own way

In some situation, parents might be dealing with children who are either too young to fast or face a hard time in waking up early, in such cases you should be focusing on allowing them to be a part of Ramadan by making them understand the moral principles. One of the basic principles of Ramadan is ‘Kindness’ and you can teach them more about kindness by organizing trips to old age homes, donating to the less fortunate, distributing Zakat Al Fitr, developing sense of community, self-control, while being thankful to the almighty ‘Allah’ for whatever you have.

For instance, these lessons of kindness can be initiated when parents motivate their children to donate their old toys and clothes to the less fortunate, which will show them the importance of being responsible citizen and kind at the same time. Encourage them to invite their friends (both Muslims and non-Muslims) for Iftar, wherein the parents can help them organize the same and even read them passages/verses from the Holy Quran, explaining them the true meaning behind the same.


Tip: During Ramadan, many organizations set up tents in the neighborhoods for receiving donations.


Instill Pride and create a comfortable environment

One of the best traits about UAE is ‘tolerance’, which enables multiple nationalities and beliefs to thrive together in the blessed nation. Children often feel shy in sharing their beliefs with others who may not share the same ideologies or belief due to differences in traditions. You give your children a sense of confidence and ownership over the beliefs by teaching them what their traditions are and what is the history behind it. Children getting to know their roots and culture will enable them to be confident in life.


Even your child’s schoolteacher can help create a friendly environment by organizing activities surrounding the theme of Ramadan.



Be the best YOU

Children SEE and Children DO… they imitate their parents, from whom they inherit many characteristic traits, which is why you should be careful about what you do and how you behave around them. Parents have to set an example about anything they wish their children to learn from them and for that, talks are not enough, they will have to show them practically. For instance, the parents who wish to teach their children about the value and benefits of fasting during Ramadan themselves need to fast gracefully, which will motivate the child to imitate the parent and learn the trait of ‘self-restraint’. 

Teach them the right values and they will make you proud! LIKE SHARE AND COMMENT … 


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