Cardamom – The Wonder Spice

BENOI NAIR|January 10, 2022


Cardamom- as pleasant as it sounds; the intense spice has found its way to popular dishes and even karak that you enjoy now and then. Often compared to mint, Cardamom as a spice has been used for eons for culinary and medicinal purposes as well. Today we have it showcased in the aisles of every supermarket in Dubai.

In this blog, we will discuss how cardamom may benefit human health:

  1. May help in dealing with blood pressure – studies have shown that approx. 3 grams of cardamom powder may help in lowering blood pressure. Moreover, cardamom is popular for its antioxidant and diuretic
  2. Cancer-fighting compounds – studies in mice have shown that cardamom may increase the activity of enzymes that may help in fighting cancer.
  3. Fight Inflammation – antioxidant compounds in Cardamom may help reduce cell damage and prevent inflammation.
  4. Aids digestion – Not only does it help with digestion but also helps relieve stomach ulcers and discomfort as well.
  5. Oral hygiene – a reason why people prefer to have cardamom after food is not only due to its minty nature but also due to its benefits for dealing with bad breath and cavities.
  6. Antibacterial – Cardamom is popular for its antibacterial effects as well.


PS: This blog is not a medical journal and should not be substituted for a medical diagnosis and people with any health problems should consult a doctor for proper medical diagnosis and health guidance/advice.

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