Words that will make you fall in love with ‘Arabic’

BENOI NAIR|September 28, 2020


Arabic is not just a language but a baton of beauty that helped shape civilizations across the Middle East and Africa. Originated in the Arabian Peninsula, Arabic today is one of the most spoken languages in the world, shared by more than 400 Million people across mediums like poetry, literature, music, film and many more.


Let’s explore some words in Arabic that are absolute music to the ears:


  1. ‘Salam’= peace

Pronounced ‘sa-laam’, is one of the most elegant yet the simplest terms in Arabic is ‘Salam’ which means ‘peace’. Such is the sheer simplicity of the term that strangers use it often to greet each other in a friendly manner or used as a word to end the conversation on a friendly note.


  1. ‘Qamar’= moon

Pronounced as ‘qa-mar’, is perhaps a word of paramount importance in Islam, which means ‘moon’. In reference to Quran, it signifies one of the suras of the Muslims’ holy book (The Quran) regarded as the ‘Judgment Day’ and the lunar-based Islamic Calendar.


  1. ‘Habibi/ti’ = my love

Pronounced as ‘ha-beeb-i/ti’, is a lovely word meaning ‘love’. Translating to ‘My Love’, the words is used both in formal and casual context to denote someone very close to you.


  1. Oum’ = mother

Pronounced the same way as it is, it means ‘mother’. Mothers are an important figure in Arab culture and are always treated with high respect. It is a common practice to refer to some ladies by adding another word to Oum, so to denote mother of someone or even as a foundation of something.


  1. ‘Abu’ = father

Abu in Arabic means father and like the word ‘Oum’ is also used with the name of the son of a concerned person. E.g., if a man whose son’s name is ‘Salem’, he is referred to as ‘Abu Salem’ out of respect in his social circle.


  1. ‘Nur’ = light

In Arabic ‘Nur’ means ‘light’ which is a beautiful word in itself. The word nur can be used in multiple ways, either to compliment someone close to you or to create compound names such as ‘Nur Allah’ which means ‘light of god’.


  1. ‘Qalb’ = heart

Qalb means ‘heart’ is used in Arabic to emphasize someone’s importance in your life in a wonderful way.


  1. ‘Shams’ = sun

The Arabic word ‘Shams’ means ‘the sun’ and is used in multiple contexts. In UAE you will find a lot of establishments which have ‘Shams’ before the names, as it is associated with the brightness of the sun. Safe to say that it is also a commonly used word.

Arabic is a tough language to learn but once you get used to it, you will realize how authentic it is. Nowadays you even have app that can help you learn Arabic.

Feel free to share your views on Arabic language and let us know your list of lovely Arabic words. Give us a LIKE and SHARE the info.




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