What customers want? Parameters of an engaging Hypermarket store!

BENOI NAIR|May 17, 2021


A store’s success depends on the behavior of consumers towards it. Surprisingly, due to the current pandemic situation we are seeing a change in consumers’ behavior, according to which a businesses have to either adapt & survive or just perish helplessly.

Why in-store shopping experience matter?

You might have heard marketing proverbs like – “Customer is the King and Consumer is always right” and the reason why such proverbs exist is that a business is always centered on a target consumer base. In other simpler words, if a business is a device then ‘consumer’ happens to be the battery that powers it.

Here’s some cool info about Consumer Experience:

  • The positive in-store experience motivates consumers to wisely spend more
  • Positive in-store experience helps in consumer retention as well


Factors that promote Customer eXperience:

  • The ready availability of products especially the fast-selling products

As a retailer, one of the best feelings you can have is watching a shelf get empty fast or a product getting out of stock after enormous demand. But is it actually a good thing? Running out of a re-stocking option, especially when you have consumers ready to buy that product is actually a bad sign that affects the in-store consumer experience. This is why warehouse and stocking plays a crucial role in supply chain management.


  • Customer service that makes them the king

There’s no secret folks! Every successful business has 2 things in common – a good product and a smiling customer. Some of the best hypermarkets in Dubai today have a special checkout counter for consumers with up to 10 items or a special counter for elderly consumers, which make them feel valued. Perhaps this service also leaves an impression to other consumers who take notice of how a retail brand likes to treat their consumers. Initiatives like ‘self-checkout’ and ready customer service are something, which reflects how a business likes to make its consumer smile behind the facemask.



  • Store layout that doesn’t make them guess

Brand Perception has a lot to do with the in-store layout because consumers don’t want to play the guessing game every time they enter a store. A well-planned or organized store layout not only helps the consumer to make the right decision but helps him save ample time by reducing travel time between shelves. Popular hypermarkets in Dubai, UAE have well-organized sections with their names mentioned on top for consumers to view and arranged in a way that is easy to locate and above all makes sense. The hypermarkets even have social distancing stickers on the floor to guide and remind consumers about the importance of maintaining safe distance amidst this pandemic.


  • Customer’s health and safety is taken care of

Health protocols’ is a term now increasingly used due to the ongoing Corona pandemic. Thankfully, popular hypermarkets in Dubai were one of the first to implement all necessary protocols as per the instructions released by the competent government authorities. Perhaps, making your consumers feel safe leaves a positive everlasting impression on the business reputation and defines its success in the long run.


The year 2021 can be considered as a year full of challenges as well as opportunities that can enable the retail sector to be more consumer-centric.

Do share with us your views on how businesses can listen to their consumers better! Give us a ‘Thumbs Up’ and Share the info in your social circle.



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