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We are committed to provide you only the best

Our utmost priority is to ensure the products we offer you are of superior quality and that foods are wholesome and safe for consumption. We would like you to have the peace of mind which only the highest safety standards can give.

Committed to Food Safety and Hygiene

We firmly believe that it is our responsibility of ensuring that our food products and commodities meet your safety expectations with minimal acceptable risk during raw material delivery, storage, preparation, and service.
We emphasize the values of good and proper hygiene to all our staff and provide regular trainings on Basic Food Hygiene. We make sure that food safety measures like wearing clean uniform and protective gear at all times are implemented and observed. All operations in the receiving, inspecting, storing, packaging, and delivery of food are conducted in accordance with the established standard procedures. Appropriate quality control operation procedures are also established to ensure that food is suitable for human consumption. All reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that production processes do not contribute contamination from any source.
We extend the same to our suppliers and require them to meet our Hygiene Qualifications through our Supplier Specifications Manual. We have detailed Supplier Performance Indicators involving mandatory checking of all deliveries and assessment of proper temperatures and quality.
We maintain optimum conditions in all our warehouses and stores. Appropriate procedures are established for sanitary handling of food on storage and distribution. Storage and transportation of finished food are under conditions that will protect food against physical, chemical, and microbial contamination as well as against deterioration of the food and the container. Stock Rotation on all our products is employed to guarantee their freshness and wholesomeness. We strictly adhere to the principle of FIFO (First In, First Out) in all displayed items in our showroom which warrants products that are up-to-date with their best before and/or expiration dates.

Committed to Good Manufacturing Practices and Workplace Cleanliness

We are a chain of hypermarkets in which various activities and immeasurable flow of food and other materials are channelled in from many sources and are widely distributed into the community. Because of this intense activity, we nominated Health and Safety Excecutives to closely monitor and inspect all our outlets from receipt of goods to its storage to optimal conditions, to its preparation and distribution. It is a way to ensure we are giving you not only extensive selection of products but also to guarantee its safety, quality and freshness until it reaches your plate.
We conduct regular audits on all shops including specialty sections such as Butchery, Cheese and Bakery etc. We invest in providing indispensable equipment and maintain our facilities to ensure delivery of safe and quality foods.
We are fully engaged in a pest-free environment which is crucial to the delivery of safe foods. Our Integrated Pest Management system enables us to maintain a clean and healthy workplace.

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