Signs you are in a Good Restaurant

BENOI NAIR|March 31, 2019

We all want to be healthy, which is why we try our maximum to cook our own food. Now for the ones living in the amazing Dubai, things are a bit different. Not only the restaurants in Dubai, UAE are known for their hygiene but there is no other place on this green earth that offers the world in their respective menus, which is why an expat does not feel like an expat here.

Pro Tip – It’s a good idea to search and read restaurant reviews on Google or any other food ordering website before visiting in person. For instance, if you plan to visit ‘Al Khawaneej or Mirdif in particular, you can enter the specific location and then search for restaurants or café shop.


Although the restaurant standards are carefully monitored by the competent authorities here, we will still go ahead and mention some visible signs that prove you are dining at a good place:


  • Cleanliness

This is so obvious people! As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression; if a restaurant is visibly clean, we automatically tend to feel comfortable in that environment, after which comes the menu and of course the taste of their food. Cleanliness of a restaurant represents the attention to detail the management deploys in their efforts and services. A clean restaurant premise depicts a clean restaurant kitchen in which the mouthwatering food is prepared. On the other hand, nobody prefers to cough out big money on a place that has a dirty bathroom.


  • Quick Service

Quick service is a quality that separated ‘best’ from the ‘good ones’!

One of the most irritating things to happen to anyone who came to have a good time is when he or she gets to play the ‘waiting’ game. To make things more justified, servers are actually busy people, but the best restaurant will offer you a seat as per the server’s availability.


·        If it’s on the Menu, it’s on your plate

The feeling of defeat when you order your favourite spring seasoned asparagus and all you get is a ‘sorry, we’re out of asparagus’ response. If they have mentioned some delicacy in the menu then the same should be available for your taste buds to devour as well.


  • Sound Proofing

There are many intricate aspects that are involved in designing a restaurant and one of them is ‘Sound Design’. To support the acoustics, some even spend money on the soundproofing as well. Of course, when you are discussing your plans for the long weekend, you don’t want to listen to anybody else’s complain.


  • Authentic Servers

Who doesn’t like a knowledgeable server? It’s obvious that one cannot know everything about all the dishes present in a specific menu. A good restaurant not only trains their servers with what goes into the dishes but also allow them to taste the dishes so that they can exactly explain to the guests what they can expect after they order.

To give you a hint about a good restaurant – ask the server about any dish or his/her personal recommendation, they won’t even take a peek at the menu to explain things to you.


  • Something for the Kids

What if the junior is not interested in your weekend dinner saga? A good restaurant will offer a play area for your little ones to be themselves, which for a moment will allow you to breathe in peace while enjoying some quality food.

A restaurant without a kids play area is not bad, but hey… something extra won’t hurt!


·        Accept every form of payment

We may be en route digitization, but there are some really good restaurants that do not accept cards. In such cases, there always should be an ATM in proximity to save you from the embarrassment.


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