Shifting hack – Transporting Glass Items in One Piece

BENOI NAIR|December 15, 2020

Moving from houses is a regular affair for some of us, especially the expats. With the rents fluctuating, who doesn’t want to take advantage and finally get an apartment in their dream location?

Ladies enjoy setting up their house, which is an uphill task in itself comprising of challenges that only a seasoned professional can deal with. One such challenge is ‘shipping or moving glass items’ without changing its original appearance (if you understand the joke).

Minus the sarcasm, one needs to be extra cautious when moving fragile items like crockery or any other glass. If you don’t have experience in doing so, then this blog might just make your life easier and your wife happier J


Read on…


Things to keep handy: 



  • Marker (To make sure you remember which box has fragile stuff)
  • Medium-sized boxes (As Discussed above)
  • Packing paper, newsprint, old towels, or bubble wrap (For Wrapping the glass)
  • Tape (For sealing the box)



How we do it? 


  • Set up the box

The box needs to have a layer at the bottom which will protect or cushion the glass material from sudden shocks when picked up or placed back to the ground. Of you are using old towels or paper then make sure to use enough to create a comfortable cushion layer to prevent breakage in case of sudden drops or accidental bumps.


  • Wrap the glasses

The heaviest glass material should be wrapped and placed at the bottom with lighter glasses on top. The glasses should be wrapped in a way that it is completely covered and does not rub against each other.


  • Pack the glasses in layers

The sign of proper wrapping is that one will not be able to feel the edges if you still do then that means you need to wrap it more. Once you start laying the heavy ones on top of the cushioned layer, you need to make one more layer of cushion and follow the same process again with the lighter glasses.


  • Add a cushion to fill the space and make it safer

The topmost layer before you seal the box should have the same amount of paper or towels or bubble wrap as you placed at the bottom.


  • Seal the box and conduct a final check by shaking it gently
  • Write ‘Handle with care’ or any other message on the box




The bottom line is that we need to use a medium-sized box which will be just compact enough to hold everything inside in place compared to a larger one. Moreover, you will need a material that can easily be wrapped around the glass stuff such as packing paper, bubble wrap or waste towels. If you are using newspaper or magazine pages then make sure you wash the glasses properly to get rid of the marks left by black ink.



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