Shawarma – Sultan of Sandwiches and snack for all occasions

BENOI NAIR|April 19, 2018

“Shawarma to UAE is like Fish to Water…”

Some stuffs are worth fighting for and one of them is a well-prepared delicious ‘Shawarma’. It is a snack which can be devoured irrespective of any time or occasion and the best part is that it is enjoyed by all nationalities equally. For all tourist who come here to enjoy the majestic feel of the UAE, the visit remains incomplete until they’ve had a Shawarma – the beloved Arabic sandwich, accompanied by a cup of Karak Tea. If you’re still confused then look around you, there might be a place with a vertical spit with seasoned meat being rotated at regular intervals of time.

The beloved sandwich can be found in its initial form, placed on a rotating spit (mostly vertical) in restaurants and cafeterias and may be grilled for as long as an entire day. The meat preparation can include seasoned chicken, beef, turkey, veal or mixed meats depending on the place. While preparing the sandwich, meat is shaved off the spit as per the required serving, while the remainder is kept on the spit which is rotated at intervals to ensure that the meat is evenly cooked.

Normally Shawarma comes as a wrap that you enjoy with toppings of pickled turnips, hummus or even tahini, depending on the cafeteria and your preference.The best way to enjoy the snack is with tabbouleh, fattoush, taboon bread, tomato, and cucumber. Every restaurant has its own style of making Shawarma as one can feel if he or she is a regular. Vegetables that come with Shawarma include cucumber, onion, lettuce, tomato, eggplant, parsley, pickled gherkins, pickled turnips, pickles, rhubarb, cabbage, and even French fries in some variants. Spice lovers can ask for chilli sauce and garlic mayonnaise to be added to the mix to make things interesting.


Greek gyros and Turkish doner kebabs are close contenders when it comes to tea time delicacies!


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