Q-Commerce: A New Version Catching up

BENOI NAIR|July 6, 2022

Q-Commerce is a new age golden child of traditional commerce, is short for ‘Quick Commerce’, and as a term is used interchangeably with ‘on-demand deliver or quick delivery’. Consider it a hybrid, which has all the advantages of the traditional form of commerce with faster delivery.

Therefore, the premise remains more or less the same with only delivery speed being the primary differentiator. When we talk about delivery speed, we’re not talking about days here but hours or minutes in some competitive cases.

It wouldn’t be wrong to deduce that Q-Commerce has changed the dimensions of how or what a consumer can now order in real-time. In other words, the scope of what a consumer can order has widened with the now possibility of including perishable commodities like groceries and other household items. However, in the initial stages, Q-Commerce focuses on the dynamic delivery of goods in micro quantities because of the current limitations of the business model.


“Dark Stores” 

Q-Commerce style of the business model brings the necessity of ‘dark stores’ which are warehouses that are strategically located to ensure timely delivery with reduced turnaround time. While some businesses are either deploying additional resources that help in streamlining delivery channels or establishing business relationships with warehouses in strategic locations that lead to spring-action delivery.

Apart from that, additional factors such as software integration and modern layouts are offering

firms the desired flexibility to meet consumer demands more quickly.


Components of Q-Commerce 


  • Third-party delivery platforms
  • Multi-Channel experience
  • Dark Stores
  • Inventory broadening
  • Enhanced supply chain management
  • Customized client experience
  • Brand Collaboration and Influencer marketing
  • Strategic warehousing
  • Sustainability and Eco-friendly approach


The benefits of Q-Commerce 



  • Fast Delivery gives a definite edge to a retailer
  • Better shopping experience leads to better brand loyalty
  • Creates a better marketing opportunity for new products
  • Establishing new delivery points and contracts can help the firm reduce cost of storage and even logistics cost in the long run


Globally, Q-Commerce can and may prove to be a great opportunity in offering a better shopping experience to the consumers. How successfully Q-Commerce is deployed depends on the creativity and imagination of the retailer! All we can say is that the year 2023 will be full of promises.



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