Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the ways to Shop online from Union Coop?

A: You can shop online through Union Coop website or Download Union Coop Mobile App from Google Play Store:

How can I register on Union Coop Webstore?

Can I integrate my TAMAYAZ card or Shareholder number with my Profile?

Is it necessary to register to use Union Coop online supermarket?

How do I update my account information?

Can I update TAMAYAZ information through Union Coop Webstore?

Can I get TAMAYAZ discount for online shopping?

Can I earn TAMAYAZ points for my online purchases?

Do I receive E-receipt for Online shopping?

Q: What are the Payment options available on Union Coop online shopping?

What is holding amount in Online Payment option?

Is Online Shopping on Union Coop website and APP secure?

Are all the items available store can be found on the website or APP?

Is there any minimum order amount for online purchase?

Is in-store promotion in Union Coop branches also available Online?

What are the locations you deliver to?

Do you charge for delivery?

Do you also delivery fresh and frozen items?

Do you deliver same day?

Will you call us before delivering my order?

How can I confirm that my order is complete or error-free?

Are the prices on Union Coop Webstore same as in-store?

What is the return & exchange policy for web store?

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