New Parents Guide – How to Deal with your new born!

BENOI NAIR|August 16, 2020


‘Parenthood’ without a doubt is one of the toughest jobs in the world. However, this does not prevent people, especially new parents, from being excited about their future with a new experience with children, the adornment of this worldly life.

Therefore, you must pay attention to very important matters, especially if you are expecting your first child, so that the child does not become a field of experiments in your hands. In this blog, we offer you some tips that will benefit you in the new experience:

  1. Baby food- The child needs milk feeding in the beginning, and there are two main sources of milk, natural from the mother and processed powder milk. If the child is breastfed, there is no need to worry. However, if you are feeding from the powder milk, you must choose the appropriate milk for your child. To ensure so, feed your baby a small amount of that milk. If the baby accepted it without vomiting or colic, this milk seems to be right for him or her.
  2. The correct way of carrying a newborn – Newborn babies have very flexible necks, and the muscles have not yet matured, so when carrying the child, the neck must be handled carefully, and it is preferable to place baby’s neck in the arm or in the palm of the hand to avoid sudden movements that may harm the child.
  3. Helping the newborn to burp after feeding – Burping is an essential topic. First, it helps the baby to expel the excess air from the abdomen, which reduces the occurrence of a bellyache, and secondly, it reduces the process of vomiting milk, so as a new parent you should be careful about this habit after feeding.
  4. Turning your child on all sides – For the child to have an even and naturally round head, it must be moved and placed on all sides to prevent deformity of the skull. New parents should ensure to place the baby’s head to the right, left and forward while the baby is lying on his/her stomach.
  5. Changing Diapers at the appropriate time – Changing the diaper frequently is very necessary to reduce rashes and redness and to keep the body clean.
  6. Keeping personal Health Supplies – Before your wife gives birth, she must have a thermometer, anti-fever and gas repellent ready with her because one of the biggest problems that a baby faces are gastric issues and it annoys everyone.

These tips, which from our point of view are very important for new parents, but they do not substitute the consultation of a pediatrician for everything that concerns your child. You can visit any branch of the Union Coop and view a wide variety of baby food and supplies at competitive prices.

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