Union Coop’s Comprehensive Approach to Hygiene and Safety in 2024

BENOI NAIR|February 13, 2024

Published By: Clean ME

Prepared By: Benoi Nair

At Union Coop, we recognize the importance of maintaining a safe and sanitary environment for both our valued customers and dedicated staff. The same can be assessed by the fact that Union Coop was among the first entities in the UAE to adopt and deploy health measures suggested by competent authorities during the COVID outbreak.


Our New Year resolution encompasses a holistic strategy that addresses various aspects of cleanliness and hygiene throughout our branches, malls, distributed centers, and staff accommodations. Here’s a brief overview of the initiatives we have undertaken:

  1. Professional Cleaning Services: We have enlisted the services of professional agencies to ensure a thorough and systematic cleaning process across all Union Coop outlets. This includes our branches, malls, distributed centers, and staff accommodations.
  2. Enhanced Cleaning Protocols: Rigorous cleaning schedules have been implemented and communicated for all areas within Union Coop outlets. This includes the regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as shopping carts, handles, and checkout counters.
  3. Employee Hygiene Training: Regular training sessions are conducted for our staff members, focusing on proper hygiene practices. This encompasses handwashing techniques, the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and maintaining a clean work environment.
  4. Food Safety and Chemical Handling Training: All deployed staff members are equipped with training in Basic Food Safety and Chemical Handling, ensuring that they adhere to the highest standards in handling products.
  5. Sanitization Stations: Hand sanitization stations have been strategically placed throughout our stores, encouraging both customers and employees to maintain optimal hand hygiene.
  6. Regular Health Checks: We have implemented regular health checks for our deployed staff, including temperature screenings, to promptly identify and address any symptomatic individuals.
  7. Feedback Mechanism: To continually improve our hygiene measures, we have established a feedback system for both customers and employees. This allows us to identify areas for improvement and ensure the effectiveness of our implemented measures.
  8. Adaptation to Evolving Guidelines: We are committed to staying informed and proactive. In line with this, we continuously adapt our measures based on the evolving situation and guidelines provided by health authorities. Currently, we are in the process of obtaining HACCP Certification in cooperation with our Health and Safety team.

Union Coop is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene, and we appreciate your support and understanding as we work diligently to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

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