Union Coop’s ‘Back to School’ Promotion Campaign is back!!!

BENOI NAIR|August 8, 2021

Prepared By: BENOI NAIR

Union Coop, the largest consumer cooperative in the UAE, launched its annual “Back to School” promotional campaign, coinciding with the start of the new school season, as it has allocated AED 20 Million towards the campaign which begins on August 8th till August 18th 2021, with discounts ranging up to 65% on more than 20,000 products, as a part of the initiatives launched by Union Coop for its consumers throughout the year in the form of multiple events.

In detail, Mr. Majiruddin Khan, Trading Division Director, Union Coop confirmed that Union Coop sets within its annual objectives the launch of community initiatives to delight consumers, meet their requirements and provide them with high-quality products at competitive prices, in addition to supporting and serving all social groups of all segments, in line with the socio-economic objectives of the country, further pointing out that the annual “Back to School” campaign demonstrates the extent of the Union Coop’s commitment to enhancing and developing its customers’ shopping experience in all its branches located in various regions of the Dubai.

He pointed out that the back-to-school campaign this year is exceptional as it provides innovative goods for students that maintain pace with the requirements of educational processes imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, as it included 20,000 products essential for the students, to continuously improve the level of options offered by Union Coop to consumers, especially students, teachers and schools.

He continued: The campaign will be launched in all the 23 Union Coop branches spread in various regions of the emirate of Dubai from August 8 until August 18, 2021, coinciding with the return of students to schools, and includes discounts of up to 65%, noting that Union Coop allocated AED 20 million for the campaign, so that the benefit spreads to everyone, especially parents of students and in the interest of the consumer in general.

He added that the Union Coop enjoys a distinguished economic position and reputation at a high level, as it is fully committed to adopting innovative ways to expand the horizons of its business, initiatives and promotional campaigns per its strategies for growth and expansion, pointing out that its offers continue, whether at the level of annual, seasonal, monthly or periodic weekly campaigns, pointing out that Union Coop will also provide back-to-school offers through the Union Coop smart online store as a part of its policy to make consumers happy.

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