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admin|December 12, 2015

Dubai TV hosted Mr. / Suhail Al Bastaki Marketing and Communication Dept. manager in Union Cooperative Society in Dubai This Morning program. The episode was about the future projects of Union Cooperative Society.

Dubai TV – Dubai This Morning program.
Subject of the episode: future projects for Union Cooperative Society.

Mr. / Suhail said that Union Cooperative Society opened the first intelligent branch that offers many smart services through mobile phone. He added that the idea was inspired from the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, to transform Dubai city to smart city.

Union Cooperative Society’s Board of Directors adopted the initiatives that can be provided by the Society in line with this vision, by establishing the first smart branch in the region, with an area of 15 thousand square meters containing 119 parkings with a total estimated cost of fifty million dirhams.

This branch makes the shopping operations easy on dealers with the Society. They can develop a plan for the list of future electronic purchases through intelligent application of the Society and review the list of pre-purchased products, and the number of points earned for holders of program excellence loyalty card, as well as to locate goods within the branch through the GPS map to facilitate the procurement process, and the service of accompanying the customer, through which the customer is accompanied by an escort with an intelligent vehicle throughout the shopping trip without the need to come to the cashier because the payment is made directly to the escort.

The idea of creating this project has come from the slogan launched by General Manager Mr. Khalid Humaid Bin Diban Al Falasi which falls under the responsibility of the Society, “to overcome exceed the stage of the consumer satisfaction and to make him happy” by the idea of escorting customers to facilitate the procurement process, because it has a positive effect on shoppers as shown by the results of the large demand on the operations using the service.
He also said that a mosque will be opened in Al Barsha with an area of 2038 square meters accommodating to 1650 worshipers and 90 persons in the women’s section with a total estimated cost of 9.25 million dirhams. Due to the increasing number of shoppers coming to the branches of the Society, expansion plans will be developed for the future projects from 11 branches to 16 branches until Expo 2020.

He added that the nationalization process is one of the most important strategic goals in the Union Cooperative Society. The management focuses on attracting young national people to work for it. The number of employees reached 374 citizens constituting more than 30%, and 80% in the leaderships.
In order to provide an ideal working environment for the staff, a special unit has been established to provide happiness to the staff to facilitate their transactions such as card happiness program and to hold the sporting events and entertainment based on the principle extrusive relationship that is reflected in a positive result in order to make the clients happy, as recommended by the international studies..
In conclusion, the presenter thanked Mr. / Suhail wishing the Society more production and excellence.

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