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admin|January 29, 2014

School of Modern Skills Students enjoyably visited Union Cooperative Society Aweer Head Office over two days Wednesday and Thursday, 29 and 30 January, 2014 as an educational job related training day as a part of the School Professional Training Program

Media & Communication Staff greeted and welcomed 20 Male students and 17 Female students and scattered them within all UCS 11 Departments

Engineering & Projects Department / Administrative Department / Operation Department / Human Resource Department / Information Technology Department / Purchase Department / Import & Private Label Department / Fresh Purchase Department / Media & Communication Department / Finance & Accounts Department / Promotion Department.

Each of UCS Department showed great collaboration in succeeding this training Program where students were educated about the different responsibilities and duties of each Dept. management, and each student practically performed for a period of 5 hours some jobs assigned to them by each department.

At the end of the training day, Mr. Suhail AL Bastaki Media & Communication Manager provided the students with a brief about UCS history and urged them to look forward and contribute in building their home country. He also stated that UCS will endorse its educational support for each new generation and welcomes each and every student, who wishes to be part of UCS members in the future.

In turn of the students enjoyable experience, they responded cheerily about re-experiencing such training in the near future.

At the end, participation certificates was distributed to the students by Mrs. Darin wishing them continuous success and anticipations.

And there by the Media & Communication Department along with the Training & Development Department, express thanks and appreciations to all the Departments who participated and collaborated in this training Program.

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