‘Back to School’ Ignites Competition in Stationery Market

BENOI NAIR|August 17, 2021

Translated By: Benoi Nair

Source: Al Khaleej

Dubai, UAE:


“Finally, our children will return to school,” a sentence summed up by the students’ parents, expressing their joy at the return of their children to realistic education, after a break of about a year and a half, due to the “Corona” pandemic, as the markets began witnessing an active purchasing movement in light of the retail markets launching promotional campaigns. Some of them reached discounts up to 65%, including various types of stationery, bags and all student supplies.

Mr. Majiruddin Khan, Trading Division Director, Union Coop, confirmed that Union Coop launched a back-to-school campaign this August, coinciding with the start of the new school season, noting that AED 20 million has been allocated for the campaign, with a discount rate of 65% on more than 20, 000 products and commodities, as part of a package of initiatives launched by Union Coop for its customers on various occasions throughout the year.

He indicated that the campaign was launched quite before the start of the school season, according to a plan set by the Trading division in coordination and cooperation with all sectors and departments within Union Coop so that school tools and study supplies are provided to parents, students and all participants in the educational process at competitive prices, as part of the Union Coop’s annual goals to bring happiness to shopper parents and meet their requirements by providing new and innovative products that keep pace with the developments of education with high-quality products, to support and serve all social groups of all segments.

He stressed that Union Coop is committed to avoiding raising prices and providing all supplies at competitive prices, out of its keenness to enhance and develop its customers’ shopping experience in all its branches spread in various regions of Dubai.


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