“All Shopping Bags Used in Union Coop Branches are Biodegradable and Recyclable,” Berregad

BENOI NAIR|September 26, 2018

Prepared By: Benoi Nair
Photographer : Sultan Almarzooqi


One of the many environmental policy measures deployed by Union Coop


Dubai, UAE:

Mr. Mohammed Berregad, Director of Admin Affairs Dept. said, “All shopping bags used in the Union Coop’s branches are biodegradable and recyclable to ensure UAE’s environmental policy and guideline are met to sustain and conserve resources for future generations. Union Coop has a very strict policy that suppliers of shopping bags have to comply and adhere, which includes getting approvals and licenses from ‘Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology’ for further distribution.”

Union Coop promotes the re-use of shopping bags and is conducting studies aimed at reducing the consumption of shopping bags while guaranteeing the happiness of shoppers at the same time. This strategy is in line with the directions of Union Coop’s senior management to contribute to the preservation and sustainability of the environment.

He requested the customers to take advantage of Union Coop’s eco-friendly shopping bags, reuse them more than once, and motivate them to control the usage of plastic bags to ensure a pollution-free future for the future generation. The responsibility of preserving the environment falls equally on all entities functioning in the society and controlling the usage of plastic, using healthy substitutes and reusing plastic bags in daily life is one of the many ways of creating a sustainable environment.

Mr. Berregad points out that Union Coop has been conducting regular training sessions for its Cashiers and Cashier Assistants, to help them pack more products and commodities into fewer shopping bags. Moreover, the firm has been creating awareness by spreading environmental messages through Cash Registers’ screens installed in all its branches and by participating in environmental events in cooperation with different institutions to maintain a sustainable and healthy environment.




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