Al Bastaki: Expansion in Remote Work System

BENOI NAIR|May 21, 2020

Source:  Al Bayan (Translated)



Union Coop’s Director of Happiness and Marketing Department, Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki said that Union Coop in keeping-up with the safety and public health conditions to face the spread of the Coronavirus has expanded ‘remote work systems’ in the administrative structures of its retail outlets, pointing out that the proportion of employees working remotely have exceeded 50 %.

He emphasized that the “Union Coop” worked to qualify the various bands of employees from departments on how to work remotely and to raise awareness regarding the use of ‘Meetings’ software and communicating with different departments, which in turn led to a significant demonstration of the effectiveness and efficiency of remote business management, agreeing that remote work strengthened Digital transformation policies further.

Al Bastaki pointed out that the “Union Coop” departments have plans for a gradual shift towards smart and digital policies during the next five years, but the current circumstances have accelerated the application of digital transformation processes for several departments already.

He explained that Union Coop implements plans that are applied based on the rotation of work and partial attendance by dividing departments and employees into teams and groups working remotely and rotating their shifts among each other.



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