7 Essentials to Transition from Traditional Shopping to Smart Shopping

BENOI NAIR|February 3, 2021

Translated By: Benoi Nair 


Dubai, UAE:


Dr. Suhail Al Bastaki, Happiness & Marketing Director, Union Coop stressed to Al Bayan the importance of shopping smartly and spending wisely. Therefore, he advised shifting from traditional shopping to smart shopping that significantly contributes to material and commodity availability, which again benefits the individuals and society and promotes the sustainability of resources.

Al Bastaki identified 7 essential points that would transfer shoppers from traditional to smart shopping, helping them save money and effort, as well as enable preservation and sustainability of resources while staying ahead of the modern shopping trends.

The first point is to have a special budget for expenses, including personal expenses and it must be adhered to, to avoid additional expenses that can strain monthly income and increase the burden of life and expenses.

The second point is to delay the purchase of a product for a week to identify whether the purchase is a need or just a desire, and the third point is to avoid buying everything new and remember the rule of supply and demand, as during the initial days when the demand is high, it leads to high prices as well and vice versa.

The fourth point is to pay attention to credit card payment, as it leaves you with the illusion of having more money than you have. Rather one should have his purchases in cash while keeping the first point in the mind of determining a budget and sticking to it.

Fifthly, search for offers and take advantage of them, especially since most of the outlets have end-of-season offers and discounts of huge proportions. There are smart applications out there that let consumers know of these latest promotional offers in all outlets across the country. Shoppers should compare the offers using the applications and get the best prices.

The sixth point is to carefully follow social media accounts of outlets to be familiar with the latest developments and offers of those outlets and finally, the seventh point, the importance of always associating the price of the product with the quality.


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