Mask and Breath Smell – a possible of Unwanted Combination

BENOI NAIR|March 23, 2021

Wearing a mask amidst this pandemic is definitely advised and mandatory but one of the few revelations that people had while wearing the mask is how bad the breath can be! This can be either the side effect of wearing a mask for a longer period of time or have poor oral hygiene, but the combination of both can invite issues like cavities, tooth decay and gum issues as well.

How wearing a mask for a prolonged period affects breath?

Wearing a mask for long hours changes the natural breathing pattern as unknowingly when start breathing through the mouth as well to get more air inside. Increased breathing through the mouth will dry up the saliva and lead to bacterial growth inside the mouth especially on teeth surfaces, which again lead to issues like bad breath. Saliva not only moistens the oral cavity but also removes excess sugar from food in the mouth.

Here is the solution:

Drink it up – Drink water regularly and stay hydrated if you want to avoid a dry mouth. The best beverage for you is water instead of caffeinated drinks or sodas as you want to stay away from sugar.

Eat good – Eat healthy food that rich in Vitamins and Minerals, while we need to avoid processed food that contains empty calories and sugar. You can get fresh vegetables and fruits from Union Coop hypermarket Dubai and even order using their smart online store now.

Avoid food items with a strong smell – Food items such as onion, fish, eggs and many more contain something known as ‘Sulfides’ which release a sulfur-like smell on consumption. You might want to think about including such items later in the evening when at home or during weekends when you are not in the office around innocent people. Normally, Sulfides remain in your bloodstream for about 72 hours, so you might want to give it a thought.

Change your mask regularly or clean it up – With every exhale, you leave sulfides and bad breath causing bacteria on the mask filter, which makes the mask smelly as the day passes. This is another reason why you should change your masks regularly or clean it frequently if you are using a reusable version. While disposing of the mask consider cutting the ear loops so that it is not reused again.

Oral hygiene and checkup – Good oral hygiene combined with a good diet keeps odour-causing bacteria away from your mouth. However, regular dental checkups by professional will help you detect early signs of tooth decay and other issues that lead to bad breath.

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