Fresh Food Hacks – Fruits & Vegetables Preservation Guide (Part2)

BENOI NAIR|September 17, 2020


As Promised, Here’s Part 2:


Science of Mushroom: Mushroom is something which is neither a fruit nor a vegetable, but a ‘fungi’. Keeping them in an open paper bag in the fridge will keep them fresh for a longer period. Wash them just before you plan to use them.

Freeze the Ginger: Ginger when kept outside becomes dehydrated in some days and slicing them becomes a struggle. Experienced people know that the best way of keeping ginger fresh is to refrigerate it after sealing it in an air-tight pouch or a container.

Onions need to breathe: Yes even Onions need to breathe. Keep them in a mesh bag or any place that does not prevent air circulation. Opposite to the mentioned storing technique will result in decay and bad odor.

Chill with Berries: As long as you buy those colorful berries, it’s better to freeze them after cleaning to avoid mushiness and molds. There is a reason why people are into frozen berries a lot now.

Wrap it up: Celery is almost water like many other vegetables and if you want your celery to be fresh n’ crunchy for a long time then you should wrap it up with paper towel after cleaning or in foil paper to keep it fresh longer.

Cleaning your fridge regularly: Things like air, time and temperature affects your food, some of which you cannot control. However, something that you can control is the environment in which the food is kept or stored. Clean your fridge shelves regularly to avoid molds and bacteria. Arrange the stuffs in a way that promote a healthy flow of air.

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