Fresh Food Hacks – Fruits & Vegetables Preservation Guide (Part1)

BENOI NAIR|September 17, 2020


Food is an essential part of our ‘lives’, to an extent that some people may consider food as life itself. This is why people who cook their food should be familiar with certain ways of storing or preserving food items so that the quality is prolonged. This blog will cover some basic hacks of preserving fruits and vegetables in two parts: –


Keep Ethylene producers away from Ethylene sensitive products: Ethylene gas promotes ripening, which is why they should be kept away from other sensitive fresh produces. The category of Ethylene producers includes – Apple, Cantaloupe, Avocado, Pear, Tomato, Pepper and Banana. Meanwhile, Ethylene sensitive list includes – Mango, Asparagus, Peach, Onion, Eggplant, Grape and Cucumber. So never keep both of the categories together.

Lemon: After buying lemon, store them in air-tight bags. Sealing them this way will help prevent the lemons from losing the flavor and becoming hard.

Greens should be washed and trimmed carefully: Vegetables such as spinach and lettuce last longer if they are washed carefully before you refrigerate. Trimming or even removing the discolored parts will enhance their life. A good hack is to take all the moisture out of the equation after washing using a paper towel and then seal them in a container before refrigeration.

Herbs: Treat herbs like flowers. Keep them in a jar filled with water and then refrigerate. This will maintain its freshness and improve its life.

Don’t remove the wax until consumption: Vegetables and Fruits cultivated in warm climates have a natural coating of wax that prevents shrinkage. Even some crops have an artificial wax coating that is supposed to extend its shelf life. If you wish to reduce premature rotting then wash the fruits right before you eat them.

Keeping Bananas Refrigerated: You must have noticed bananas getting soft, mushy and overly ripe when kept outside for few days. To delay this natural process a bit, one can store the bananas in the fridge.


We’re sure that this was an interesting read, which is why you should look forward to PART 2 of this blog. Don’t forget to give us a ‘LIKE’ and ‘SHARE’ this info with your friends. Take care and stay safe!!!

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