Examples of Next-Gen Retail Technology

BENOI NAIR|August 25, 2021


Due to the shockwave effect that the corona pandemic has had on the retail market, the industry has had to work harder than ever to stay afloat while keeping the consumers safe. With the consumer’s appetite for online shopping increasing gradually, here are some next-gen retail technologies that will offer in-store shopping experience a new appeal:


1. Social Retail:

The concept takes hints from social media and what people love doing. Share your experience and get rewarded.


2. App Central Store:

A store regulated by an App. Consumers can get anything and everything within a store with an app instead of seeking manual assistance.


3. In-Store Checkout:

It’s simple – Get in, pick your stuff, pay using your phone and leave happy! In-store checkout eliminates long queues and in-store crowding, amidst the covid-19 situation this concept can be a game-changer.


4. Futuristic Stores:

Futuristic stores will not only make shopping a smooth affair but customize the shopping environment based on the needs and expectations of the consumer.


5. Stores without Humans:

Reduced human dependency or involvement is one of the many parameters of a smart experience. The video is a good example of how stores without humans look like.


6. Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality stores can prove to be a decent upgrade from your regular online stores. Dubai is one of the first places to actually deploy VR experience in different entertainment avenues.


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