Union Coop organizes several initiatives during the first quarter of 2023 to delight employees

Mohammad Alrefaiy|April 19, 2023

United Arab Emirates, Dubai:

The Director of the Human Resources and Emiratization Department at the Union Coop, Mr. Ahmed Salem bin Kenaid Al Falasi, said that Union Coop organized many events and initiatives during the first quarter of 2023 for its employees, based on the management’s keenness to delight its employees, which reflects positively on the work environment, raising efficiency and enhancing Team spirit among employees.

He indicated that the cooperative has implemented several programs for employee happiness since the beginning of the year, as it organized an Umrah trip in February for a number of senior employees in the cooperative who had not previously gone to Umrah, through the Department of Happiness and Marketing and Organizing an entertainment trip for the staff residences to the Global Village during the month of February.

He pointed out the importance that Union Coop attaches to interacting with the blessed month of Ramadan by organizing many different activities and events provided to employees, with the aim of spreading and disseminating the values of Islam and the spirit of tolerance among employees from different communities. Accordingly, the Human Resources and Emiratization Department organized during the blessed month of Ramadan, an Iftar fasting initiative where Breakfast meals and sweets were provided to 2,462 employees in the residences. In addition to distributing Eid al-Fitr gifts by conducting an electronic draw for 200 employees (affiliated with the staff residences) at a value of AED 20,000, as it was well received and distinguished by all the winning employees in the draws, whether men or women.

Based on the UAE’s keenness on a culture of volunteer work in promoting sustainable development, two external voluntary initiatives, “Discounted. Book Fair – Ramadan Activity for People of Determination,” were organized by the Human Resources Department, and one internal initiative, “Zayed Day for Humanitarian Action,” was organized by the Department of Happiness and Marketing. The number of employees participating in volunteering reached 18 employees

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